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Top Car Insurance Tips For Road Trip Adventures

Driving through the mountains outside Telluride, Colorado (photo: Tanner Marquis).

Car insurance is important for anyone who owns a vehicle. But if you’re an adventure-lover who enjoys regular road trips, ensuring you have the right insurance premiums is even more critical for your vehicle’s safety and your own. 

Using your car for adventure and exploration means putting it under more stress than the average commuter’s car, prompting the need for more comprehensive coverage. However, if you’re not a brokerage expert or the idea of sorting through different car insurance policies makes you want to bury your head in the sand, a little advice and guidance can go a long way. 

Below, we’ve put together nine tips for finding car insurance that protects your trusty car and yourself while you’re exploring the world on four wheels

Driving through the mountains outside Telluride, Colorado (photo: Tanner Marquis).
Driving near Telluride, CO (photo: Tanner Marquis)

Auto Insurance Advice

1. Understand Your Current Insurance Policy 

Before you start frantically searching for a new insurance plan that suits your road-tripping and frequent traveler lifestyle, try to understand what your current policy covers to make an informed decision about what needs to change—if anything. Chances are, aspects of your current policy already work for your circumstances, and identifying them can help you choose your next one with more precision. Talk to your provider about your current plan to better understand what you have at present. 

2. Consider Your and Your Car’s Needs

A Range Rover doesn’t need the same insurance as a Tesla. Different cars have different needs, and even you, as the driver, can influence what kind of coverage you may need. Spend some time thinking about what you and your car could benefit from in car and travel insurance. Consider driving experience, route terrain you frequent, car size, car lifespan, and the level of risk you expect to put yourself and your vehicle under in upcoming trips. 

3. Consult a Broker

Unless you have extensive personal experience in the world of insurance premiums, finding the best deal can be daunting. That’s where a professional opinion comes in. Brokers can explain insurance options and hear you out about what you’re looking for and what works within your budget. You can also take that opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about car insurance, especially for long-distance, regular road travel. 

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