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18 Fun Things To Do In Bunbury, Western Australia

boat near mouth of river at bunbury

If you’re looking for a quiet, seaside escape where you can soak in some sun and let life’s daily stresses ebb away, then you’re going to fall in love with the Bunbury.

Nestled only two hours south west of Perth and 40 minutes north of Margaret River, West Coast Australia’s premier wine growing region, Bunbury offers a relaxing getaway, but with a surprising number of things to do there.

From blissful beaches to wineries to wildlife experiences, there are plenty of things to do in Bunbury to keep any traveler entertained!

If you’re not sure what to do in Bunbury, be sure to add the following to your itinerary…

Things to Do in Bunbury

1. Relax at a Ferguson Farmstay

Ferguson Valley, Western Australia
Ferguson Farmstay, Bunbury, Western Australia

Just outside of Bunbury is the Ferguson Valley, a growing wine and food region. It’s definitely lesser known than Margaret River, but worth exploring for its humbleness and home-grown flavour.

It was quite dry when we visited, but in the rainier months this area turns into a green lushness to rival Ireland. Rolling hills with views stretching out to the coast of Bunbury on a clear day.

A great place to enjoy the rolling hills of Ferguson Valley is from the picturesque Ferguson Farmstay, a function centre for a lot of weddings, but it also offers boutique accommodation.

young girl looking at pony

When you stay at the 45-hectare property, you get to enjoy the farm activities, such as feeding the farm animals and enjoying a hay ride.

We adults enjoyed sitting on top of the hill, taking advantage of the views across the valley all the way to Bunbury and the coast, while Kalyra and Savannah got to hang out with some farm animals – always a treat for the kids.

girl feeding goats on Ferguson Farmstay, Western Australia
young girl riding pony

They fed the goats and pigs, kangaroos, and chickens, and then had a pony ride. It was Savannah’s first one and she jumped off asking if we could buy her a pony!

2. Marvel at Gnomesville

gnome display in garden and in miniature bus Gnomesville,

Australia doesn’t have many zany, quirky attractions or traditions, but Gnomesville is one of them.

The gnomes started appearing to silently protest the building of the roundabout. They were kicked off the roundabout and so a small gnome village was created for them just off the side of the road.

It now stretches some distance back into the forest and is covered with thousands of gnomes that have migrated from all over Australia and around the world.

Gnomes in forest
Gnomes lining forest path

I’d had enough after 20 minutes, but could not drag the girls away from traipsing through the alleyways of Gnomesville and discovering gnomes like those trapped behind the fence of…

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