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18 Family-Friendly Gold Coast Restaurants We Fell In Love With

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You will never run out of places to eat on the Gold Coast. It may be known for its theme parks and sandy shores, but it’s culinary scene is not to be scoffed at.

If there’s one word that sums up the Goldy the best, besides FUN, it would be options!

Australia’s east coast is the fastest growing region in Australia, and with that, the restaurant scene is forever evolving. There are literally hundreds of restaurants, cafes, breweries, eateries, and bars with a dish and a price point for everyone.

One moment I’m bare foot and dressed in board shorts and a singlet sitting on a plastic chair at the humble kiosk underneath a surf club, the next I’m fine dining at the Versace Hotel.

When you’re traveling with kids, the hardest part about planning a trip if finding where to eat. We get that, we’ve had a few meltdowns trying to find a place that pleases mum and dads more innovative taste, whilst still has chicken nuggets for the fussy eaters.

If this sounds like your family, then keep reading to discover our fav family-friendly restaurants in the Gold Coast that we think your family will love.

Family-Friendly Gold Coast Restaurants

During our two week stay on the Gold Coast, we ate in a variety of places for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they were mostly family-friendly and casual in setting.

We have personally visited most of the places we recommend in this guide with our two kids, and would happily go back, or have included suggestions from our readers, friends and family!

1. BAZAAR at QT Hotel

dessert store

I try to avoid buffets these days as I can’t help myself from over-eating, which is never a good thing, but BAZAAR at the funky 5* QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise is not just any buffet. It has a market place concept with literally something for everyone with fresh produce in endless quantities.

My fave is the seafood station, and I also love how the Asian chef steams up dumplings to order. There’s also a BBQ guy, wood-fired pizza, pasta, and a great salad bar.

There’s only one problem at Bazaar – holding your kids back, and yourself, from the AMAZING dessert bar with all these miniature cakes and slices staring you in the face.

Just when you thought you we’re getting out of there relatively healthy…

2. Niche & Co

One reason we go to Niche & Co is because their menu is mostly vegan and entirely healthy,…

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