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Discover Azenhas do Mar: A Secluded Gem on Portugal’s Coast

Azenhas do Mar white village, cliff and ocean, Sintra, Portugal

Since the early 1900s, wealthy residents of Portugal have retreated from bustling cities to spend the summer in the picturesque seaside village of Azenhas do Mar, which is about 45 minutes away from Lisbon. Azenhas do Mar has long been celebrated for its dramatic cliffs, elegant white houses with terra cotta roofs, and a small yet lovely beach that is only accessible during low tide. Azenhas do Mar is a sweet relief for travelers who aren’t fond of crowds because the quaint village tends to be less crowded than other nearby hotspots on the coast of Sintra.

No trip to Azenhas do Mar is complete without a stop at the Azenhas do Mar Viewpoint. The viewpoint offers a sweeping view of the gorgeous white houses of Azenhas do Mar, rugged cliffs, and the royal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to take a particularly stunning photograph, visiting the Azenhas do Mar Viewpoint at sunrise or sunset is ideal.

One of Azenhas do Mar’s star attractions is a natural swimming pool that was carved out of the side of a cliff. The smooth pool, filled with seawater, is a placid spot to enjoy the ocean without worrying about getting cut by a jagged rock or washed out to sea by a powerful wave. The water in the natural pool is a bit chilly but certainly refreshing on a hot summer day. Visitors can also enjoy a small sandy beach flanked by stately cliffs that is adjacent to the natural pool. The beach and the natural pool are submerged in water when the high tide rolls in.

Azenhas do Mar is quite small, so it doesn’t take long to explore the entire town. Visitors can walk along narrow streets for an up-close view of the village’s gorgeous white homes with blue accents. Azenhas do Mar is home to a handful of restaurants, including the Azenhas do Mar Restaurant, which overlooks the village’s natural swimming pool and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can eat delectable dishes such as lobster salad, stuffed crab, and a vegan seaweed entrée as they sip locally produced wine and enjoy the spectacular ocean view.

Azenhas do Mar is one of Portugal‘s loveliest beach towns. Swimming in a natural pool surrounded by some of the most picturesque scenery imaginable in Azenhas do Mar is a glorious way to relax and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

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