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Making Your California Vacation Spot Your Forever Home: Tips for a Smooth Transition

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You have most likely done that each time you vacation in California. For this fleeting moment, everything in life seems to be going according to plan, and you’re at ease. Your problems have been momentarily put aside. And you say to yourself, “I wish I could stay here forever.” You may have looked through the free real estate magazines, comparing house prices and seeing what’s out there. Could you work remotely or find a comparable position nearby? Rarely is it anything more than wishful thinking. But what would happen if you wished to bring that dream to pass? How to embrace cultural differences while moving?  How would you make California vacation spot your forever home?

Top Tips for a Smooth Relocation: Make Your California Vacation Spot Your Forever Home

Beautiful Coastline in Big Sur, California

Beautiful Coastline in Big Sur, California
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A forever home could be something you live in full-time for the rest of your days, or it could merely be a long-term residence. The idea is that you don’t see this house as a means of traveling to another location. You want to settle down there, create memories there, and perhaps even leave it for the following generation in the future.

It may surprise you to learn that one of the most stressful life events is moving. Getting established from, for example, Miami into your new home in California—often with kids and dogs in tow—and finding the proper resource that will be reliable and professional may be extremely stressful. It’s not necessary, though. An efficient relocation depends on careful planning. Here are the top tips for making your California vacation spot your forever home, that place you fell in love with during a memorable road trip

Cost of Living in California

Right now, California has the fourth-highest cost of living in the entire nation. One of the main offenders is the housing market. The average monthly rent in the state is an astounding $1,698, $500 more than the national average. Although the state’s median home value was an astonishing $573,200, property values have subsequently skyrocketed. In the state, the median price at which existing residences were sold was slightly over $751,000. 

California’s typical household income is $84,097, which is significantly more than the national average, but it is sometimes insufficient to cover the high cost of other living expenditures. What other expenses can one…

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