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How The New  Allyz® TravelSmart App Can Reduce Travel Anxiety

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Traveling is often seen as a chance to unwind and explore new horizons, but anyone who has hit the road knows that the reality can be quite different.

From the chaos of airport security to the stress of navigating an unfamiliar city, travel can bring its own set of frustrations and anxieties. Let’s not even mention how much stress can elevate if something should go wrong!

That’s where the new  Allyz® TravelSmart app comes in—a simple, streamlined digital solution designed to assist travelers with the essentials, allowing them to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their trips.

Your New Travel Companion

Allyz (pronounced “AH-LEEZE“) is not just a rebranded version of the Allianz TravelSmart® app from Allianz Travel Insurance; it’s a leap towards a more holistic travel experience.

The name itself—a blend of “all” and “ease”—reflects the app’s goal: to create simplified, accessible, and practical services for both partners and travelers alike.

Existing users won’t need to download a new app, as updates will be automatic, ensuring a smooth transition to the enhanced features.

And you don’t have to be an insurance policyholder to benefit from its features. The app is designed with all travelers in mind, providing a valuable toolkit that anyone can use.

Travel Challenges Allyz Can Help Ease!

Three women outside a train station in Paris
Travel challenges in Paris

Travel, especially internationally, will put you far out of your zone of comfort. Day-to-day tasks like accessing money, fulfilling a prescription, or experiencing travel delays can turn a relaxing vacation into a series of stressful situations.

Here are just some of these travel anxieties we’ve experienced: 

  • Losing our passport in the USA and having to speak to immigration officers around the country to find it, and then try and locate the nearest Australian embassy to get an emergency passport replacement.
  • Trying to find travel documents while an immigration officer waits with what you feel is a menacing scowl!
  • Madly running through the airport to make a connection, not realizing that the gate had changed!
  • Thinking our flight was leaving in the afternoon and checking in hours after it left. Then having to phone our families waiting at Sydney airport to say we’d be coming a few days later!
  • Struggling to find our booking confirmation in a sea of emails while Wi-Fi gives the Spinning Wheel of Disconnect!
  • Having to reroute from a cruise ship due to a hurricane and…

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