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18 Incredible Things To Do In Albany, Western Australia

woman standing on a boulder on the beach

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Albany is a well known retirement destination and beachside resort town that is in the perfect location for viewing humpback and southern right whales during the migration season (May to October).

Many of the top things to do in Albany revolve around the whales, from the Whaling Museum to Whale Watching Cruises, but there are so many other things you can do here besides this.

When we first arrived in Albany, we weren’t too sure it was going to the place for us. We ended up staying longer than we planned, and it quickly became one of our favorite destinations in Western Australia.

Albany is one of those comfy couch type places, where you soon find the right mould for you and are happy to just sit and chill for awhile, regather your strength, before hitting the road again.

So that’s what we did, and here is what we got up to…

Things to Do in Albany

1. Relax at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

aerial of rocks and people on two people's bay beach
Two People’s Bay | Credit: Tourism Australia

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve about 35km drive from Albany.

Beneath Mount Gardner on the bay’s northern headland, are two spectacular beaches in the Albany region that will be a highlight of your trip to Albany – if not Western Australia.

2. Play at Little Beach

sweeping cove of Little Beach, Albany, Western Australia

Little Beach may be little in size and name, but definitely not in beauty! Some of the most pristine, powdery white sand you can see and brilliant sparkling turquoise water.

beautiful Little Beach, Albany, Western Australia

Honestly, it’s not until you’re standing in front of WA beaches that you comprehend all those photos you’ve seen are not lying, it really is that colour and how can anything have colour like that!!

3. Chill on Waterfall Beach

ocean with a mountain next to it
young girls playing on the sand

Secret spill time.

If you follow Little Beach around to the end, you’ll see a little track leading up through the bushes past the boulders.

Do not be afraid. Follow it. You’ll arrive at the little hidden, Waterfall Beach.

young girls playing on the sand

It’s totally keeping up Western Australia’s title of best beaches in Australia. Scrap that. Best beaches in the world.

You could possibly even have it all to yourself. There were not may people when we stopped for a couple of hours to play and appreciate the stunning views. There are plenty of huge boulders for your children to climb up on.

Waterfall Beach is named for the waterfall that gushes down from the rocks and on to the beach. It was not gushing, nor trickling when we…

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