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Is the Amalfi Coast Worth Visiting?

The scenic Amalfi Coast (photo: Mike Morgan)

The Amalfi Coast on Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula is incredibly popular with tourists. Five million travelers visit and get to experience Amalfi Coast venues every year. This article provides interested travelers with tips on getting the most out of their trip.

Places To See on the Amalfi Coast

The scenic Amalfi Coast (photo: Mike Morgan)
The scenic Amalfi Coast (photo: Mike Morgan)

The sea is excellent for swimming at Maiori Beach, and the shore is perfect for beach games or sunbathing. Many cafes, shops, and stalls are on hand to cater to your every need.

Alternatively, you can take a boat or ferry from one of the nearby towns to the small island of Capri. The island has some beaches, but they’re tiny and rocky. People visiting Amalfi Coast attractions in this region most likely won’t be planning much swimming, sunbathing, or other beach activities.

In addition to shopping and fine dining, Capri Island offers boat tours around the island’s beaches, cliffs, and grottoes. There are spectacular botanical gardens to visit, and the views from the top of the island’s cliffs are unbeatable.

Limoncello is a popular Italian liqueur that tastes similar to lemonade. This article by Dolceterra explains how to enjoy Limoncello. For the best experience, it’s essential to drink this liqueur sitting in the perfect Amalfi Coast location, enjoying the spectacular coastal views!

Other Activities

Ravello, Italy (photo: Gregory Smirnov)Ravello, Italy (photo: Gregory Smirnov)
Ravello, Italy (photo: Gregory Smirnov)

In addition to the Mediterranean Sea views, spectacular mountain scenery is available. Anyone visiting Amalfi Coast towns like Ravello can enjoy the mountainous scenery in peace and quiet. Ravello is far from the main tourist track and provides magnificent coastline views from above. Travelers can visit Villa Rufolo, an authentic Roman villa nestled among the trees.

Just outside Amalfi, near a picturesque little village called Conca dei Marini, is the Emerald Grotto. This small cave formed over millennia as the sea gradually eroded the cliffs. Today, visitors can access the grotto from above by descending stairs cut into rock or by boat from outside. When the sunlight filters through the clear Mediterranean waters, striking the cave walls, the stalactites, and the stalagmites, it really does make them appear emerald green!

Places To Stay

Regarding hotels and places to stay, the Amalfi Coast has something for everyone. The Hotel Miramalfi is unmatched for luxury and world-class service, but it has a price tag to match. On the other…

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