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Learning the Art of Gelato-Making in Florence with LivTours – Roaming Historian

Learning the Art of Gelato-Making in Florence with LivTours – Roaming Historian

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Florence, often hailed as the birthplace of gelato, boasts a tasty tradition that dates back to the Renaissance. The city’s historical connection to this frozen delicacy is deeply intertwined with its cultural identity, attracting gelato lovers from around the globe.

The pursuit of the perfect gelato is an art form here, honed by generations of Italian gelato makers. Offering more than just a sweet treat, Florence gelato is a deep dive into rich culinary traditions, blending local flavors with centuries of history. For those eager to learn the secrets behind crafting this delightful dessert, a Florence gelato-making class provides a hands-on, fun experience.

Having enjoyed various Florentine gelati for years, I was so excited when LivTours offered me the experience to make my own gelato and learn from a master. I met our small group of six at I Gelati del Bondi on via Nazionale in the heart of Florence. Vetulio Bondi, a maestro with a television show on Italian Food Network (Il Gelato Perfetto), greeted us and ushered us back into the lab where the magic would be made.

Hands on Experience with a Gelato Maestro

Tulio Bondi is internationally renowned for his gelato classes, even teaching in Asia! Our lesson began with a background of gelato production and the history of Fior di Fiorentina (crema of yolk, raw milk, and honey). Tulio explored stories about gelato’s origination and then explained the scientific knowledge and technological advancements that made gelato creation possible. Tulio was fun and dynamic in personality. He had a teasing nature which kept us all laughing…and on our toes for questions he posed.

The origins of gelato trace back to the 16th century when it is believed that Bernardo Buontalenti, a Florentine architect and artist, introduced this creamy delight. Over centuries, gelato evolved from a royal treat (rumored that Caterina de’ Medici was a fan) to a beloved staple, with Florence at its heart. The city’s artisans refined the recipes, focusing on natural ingredients and traditional methods, which helped preserve its authenticity and quality. Although gelato likely first came from Florence, there are over 25,000 gelato artisans in Italy today.

Gelato is only as good as its ingredients. We learned about the importance of the ingredients involved, especially using different variations of sugar like sucrose, dextrose, and glucose. I Gelati del Bondi uses fresh,…

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