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Where to Stay in Florence: Your Area And Neighbourhood Guide (2024)

Best Place To Stay in Florence Duomo

Tuscany’s capital is a Renaissance wonderland of art and terracotta tiles. Florence is one of the most popular city breaks in Europe, and it’s got the celebrity status to prove it. You’ve got the Florence Cathedral, cobbled streets full of independent boutiques, and the Arno River running through the city center. Florence is full of art and culture – but where do you stay to see all the main sights? How do you choose where to stay in Florence?

Best Places to Stay in Florence

Best Place To Stay in Florence Duomo

Florence is a beautiful city to visit. There’s art and beauty everywhere. When it comes to the main sights, you have the Etruscan Archaeological Museum, the bustle of Piazza del Duomo, and the grandeur of Palazzo Vecchio. You’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Where to stay in Florence is different for everyone and every visit. Central Florence has nearly ten different areas, each with a mix of stylish boutique hotels and sights. You can go local and avoid the tourists or pay the price and be within walking distance of everything. After countless visits to the city, we’ve whittled it down to six neighborhoods for you to choose from – we want you to have the best.

1. Centro Storico

Ponte Vecchi FlorencePonte Vecchi Florence

Centro Storico is the heart of Florence and its history. Picture churches that date back centuries, narrow streets, and views of the stunning main attraction in the city: Florence Cathedral. Centro Storico is the absolute hub of the city, and everyone knows it. All the best hotels get booked out over the summer, and crowds of tourists descend on the neighborhood year-round. Most of Florence’s main attractions are condensed into this tiny pocket of history, and the temptation is too much for most visitors to resist. It’s even UNESCO-recognized.

With this great location, you are within easy walking distance of attractions like the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the National Museum of Bargello. The neighborhood is a lively mix of major sites. You can’t beat staying here if you want to explore on foot.

In summary, Centro Storico is where to stay in Florence if you’re a first-time visitor, committed to sightseeing on foot, or only have a couple of days in the city. It is utterly convenient, with the added bonus of being totally gorgeous (mainly thanks to the Duomo’s terracotta domes).

Piazza della Signoria FlorencePiazza della Signoria Florence

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