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A Tourist’s Guide To Antarctica

Icebergs landscape view - Tourists guide to Antarctica

This article is a Tourist’s Guide To Antarctica, the fifth-largest continent in the world. If you are an adventure tourist do read.


However, the majority of cruises and tour guides will focus on the Antarctic Peninsula (the pointy bit). This is a far safer option than venturing too far inland.

The Peninsula is home to a host of different landmarks, named after hundreds of different polar explorers who tried to conquer this land before realizing that it was inhospitable, even more so in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Icebergs landscape view - Tourists guide to Antarctica
Icebergs landscape view

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Antarctica

During the Autumn and winter, the majority of Antarctica’s coastline is impenetrable due to
the thick ice and extreme temperatures that can drop below minus 60 degrees. Yes, you read that right, minus 60 degrees! Not to mention that for the 6 months of winter, the continent gets plugged into 24-hour darkness. So if you would prefer not to freeze then the best time to go is during the Antarctic summer which is from November to March. This is when you will see the wildlife at its busiest and will get to enjoy the 24-hour daylight.

One thing I would say is that the demand for cruise ships during this season is very high. There are limited numbers of them. So if you want any chance of securing a spot, you will need to book at least 12 months in advance. But, for the more popular ships such as the fly and cruise ships booking 18 months in advance wouldn’t hurt.

Recommendations – Tourist’s Guide To Antarctica

Get A Smaller Ship

When it comes to Australia, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Larger boats (over 100 people) will reduce sea sickness. So if this is something you suffer from then you may prefer one. However, a smaller boat gives you a much more personalized feeling.

You will also get the chance to have one-on-one time with the scientists and lecturers along
with access to shallower harbours. Another downside with a bigger boat is that only 100 passengers are allowed to step a foot ashore at one time so you will have to take it in turns.

On Board Lecturers

When you sign up for an outdoor adventure in a wild landscape, a lecture program may sound slightly dull. However, I assure you that the scientists share some very interesting insights about the land and creatures around you. With their help, you will be able to identify species on your own. Having some knowledge will mean you are even more amazed by the…

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