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Best Time to Visit Albania For Travelers

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Albania has an incredible coastline, so understandably, many assume that the summer is the best time to visit Albania. However, Albania is a huge country with a beautiful landscape perfect for hiking and is home to some stunning natural attractions that can be enjoyed all year round.

I traveled much of Albania as a digital nomad from May until September – it was a great time to visit.

There are some amazing cities, hiking trails, and canyons to explore as well as beautiful historical villages which are so well-preserved you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

The best time to travel to Albania will depend on what you’re looking to do there. So keep reading, and hopefully, I can help you decide when the ideal time is for you to book your trip to Albania.

Quick Look: When to Visit Albania
For a Beach Vacation: June to September
For Fewer Crowds: April to May, and October
For Visiting Cities: April and October
For Hiking: April to May

Overall Best Time to Visit Albania – June

In my opinion, June is the best time to visit Albania overall. The temperatures are warm enough to enjoy the beaches and the days are sunny with many hours of sunlight.

So, if you’re heading to this Balkan gem, then June is the best month to visit Albania. You’ll be able to spend days by the coast without the crazy crowds of the peak months. Equally, the temperature is pleasant enough to wander the fascinating towns and cities in Albania comfortably.

The average temperature is around 26°C (80 Fahrenheit). It’s still very warm, but not as stifling as in the peak of summer. Equally, the summer crowds haven’t yet completely arrived. Everything will be open, but you’ll find the country much quieter than in the coming months.

For me, June is the best time to travel to Albania and take advantage of the huge variety of fun things to do and fascinating things to see.

Peak Season in Albania – July and August

Peak season in Albania sees super high temperatures and much larger crowds at the popular beach resorts.

If you’re after a beach holiday with lazy days of sunbathing by the sea, then this is the best time to visit Albania. The temperatures are at their highest and there’s a good atmosphere at the beaches.

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Temperatures will average around 30°C (high 80s Fahrenheit), so you’ll need to take care to stay hydrated and remember to top up sunscreen when out in the sun.

The beaches are most crowded at this time of…

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