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Is Japan Expensive To Visit? Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip

Is Japan expensive costs and budget

Try to find out whether Japan is an expensive country to visit, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a rabbit hole without a definitive answer. There is a lot of conflicting information online about the travel costs in Japan; some swear it’s the priciest country they’ve been to, while others are raving about fantastic $5 meals. 

So, is Japan really as expensive as some people say? It’s both a yes and a no. Some things in the country, like transportation, are very expensive, and others are not. The balance is there, and a trip to Japan is possible on any budget.

We have visited Japan several times and have based this article on our experiences. Here’s what you need to know when budgeting for a trip to Japan! 

Is It Expensive To Visit Japan? 

Is Japan expensive costs and budget

Yes, Dave and Deb have visited Japan a few times, but for me, Japan is a country I’ve dreamed of visiting for years. I’ve planned my perfect itinerary to a T, and I’m just waiting for the right moment in life to take off and spend two weeks in this magnificent country. As I was planning the trip, I realized that Japan isn’t really an expensive country. Sure, it costs a lot of money to get there, especially if you’re from Europe, and the cost of getting around Japan isn’t negligible, but that’s the most expensive thing about it. 

Accommodation is available in every price range, and you can spend as little as $16 for a bed in a hostel or splurge $650 for a night in a five-star hotel. Eating out in Japan can be super cheap or wildly expensive, depending on whether you’re munching ramen on the go or splurging for Kobe beef. The country can cater to anyone, and no matter your travel style and personal preferences, you can have a good time there. 

The exchange rate is approximately 152 Yen to $1, so don’t be scared to see many zeros on price tags in Japan.  

Cost of Accommodation 

Accommodation costs in japanAccommodation costs in japan

Accommodation in Japan is surprisingly affordable and there are hotels for everyone. Beds range from $16 per night in cheap hostels, up to $4,000 for a room in the best luxury hotels, with a myriad of options in between. 

Budget travelers will have plenty of options in Japan, but I have to mention capsule hotels as one of the best options for a cheap stay. The capsule hotel is a Japanese invention and a great alternative to hostel dormitories. Nine Hours Hamamatsucho is a good option for a Tokyo stay. 

Travelers with a mid-range budget will be spoiled for choice in Japan. Stay in three-star and…

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