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Big Dream Boat Man Review: The Best Coron Island Hopping Tour

Big Dream Boat Man Review: The Best Coron Island Hopping Tour

“I lost my left pinky due to an accident when I was a kid and was bullied throughout my childhood because of it. I grew up to be a shy and quiet person. One day, my friend Bob (the boat captain) introduced me to Big Dream Boat Man, and I was hired as a crew. Everyone on the boat treated each other like family and welcomed me like one. Since then, I watched Bob speaking with the crew and customers in fluent English every day, and decided that I’d one day become a boat captain and show people around the world my beautiful country, too. Today, I am able to chat with you guys, I am a confident person and I think someday I will make boat captain.”

Showing us his nine fingers, Lin, one of the boat crew, shared his story as part of our dinner ritual. It was the first night of our 3D3N Coron island hopping tour with Big Dream Boat Man, an eco-friendly expedition company founded by an English man and a Coron local in 2016. We had spent the whole day exploring hidden islands and snorkeling with colorful fishes and turtles, devouring fresh and delicious seafood and sharing laughter with everyone onboard, and were now having drinks after dinner on a secluded island with nobody else around, trading our stories with each other.

After spending two weeks joining several island hopping group tours with 20+ other people each time, this off-the-beaten-path journey was much, much appreciated. Below is my honest review on the Big Dream Boat Man Coron Island Life expedition and why, if you are only doing one tour on Coron, this should be it:

Fuss-free booking experience

On Big Dream Boat Man’s website, booking the tour was a fuss-free experience. Simply select the dates that work for you, make a 1/3 deposit payment, and wait for your expedition preparation document via email on things to note and bring (I have a packing list for you below!).

You will need to purchase your own travel insurance for this trip, and I recommend that you do, not only for this particular expedition but for every time you travel. Accidents happen, and you want to have access to healthcare and be compensated for any unfortunate events when abroad.

You are also required to complete your payment upon arrival in cash. If you have any special requests, i.e, dietary requirements, you may do so via email prior to your expedition. I had some questions, and the team responded within 24 hours.

Off-the-beaten-path itinerary

There’s no shortage of day tours that will take you on an…

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