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Do you know how these 9 famous cities got their names?

Do you know how these 9 famous cities got their names?

Have you ever wondered how a place like Paris or Rome got its name? Well, some of the most famous cities across the globe have pretty interesting stories behind them. So here are 9 famous cities and the stories of how they got their names – it might give you some inspiration on your next trip!


A city whose name is shrouded in myth and legend. Rome’s name comes from the story of the Roman god of war, Mars’ twin sons: Romulus and Remus. Both of whom were kidnaped by a vengeful uncle and left to fend for themselves in the Tiber River. But they were saved by a she-wolf, who raised them until they were instructed to build a city on the spot where they were rescued: Rome.

Similarly, to the ruins that still stand in the city, the story behind how Rome got its name is rooted in something ancient and immortal – fitting since Rome is also known as The Eternal City. Famed for its ancient history, Rome’s ruins draw millions of tourists annually. Of course, the Colosseum is the most notable – nearly 2000 years old, it remains the largest standing amphitheatre in the world (despite its age). So if and when you find yourself in Rome, do yourself a favour and visit the Colosseum . . .

New Orleans

New Orleans was founded in the year 1719 by French colonists, who named it Nouvelle-Orléans in honour of Phillippe, Duke of Orleans (Regent of France at the time of the city’s founding). When it comes to famous places, New Orleans is a cut above the rest – having been described as the “most unique” city in the United States. Thanks to its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage.

Otherwise known as The Big Easy, New Orleans is renowned for its one-of-a-kind culture: including its distinct music, Creole and fusion cuisine, interesting dialects, and annual celebrations and festivals (like the iconic Mardi Gras). The French Quarter is the historic heart of New Orleans – known for its French and Spanish Creole architecture and its vibrant nightlife along Bourbon Street – this should be your first stop when you arrive in New Orleans.

Tel Aviv

Formerly a Jewish settlement in then-Palestine, the original name of Tel Aviv was Ahuzat Baeit: “housing settlement”. And it probably…

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