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Unique Cruises From Around The World: Our Top Picks

Unique Cruises From Around The World: Our Top Picks

From a delightful houseboat ride along South India’s backwaters to immersive experiences in the Amazonian rainforests, our experts have rounded up five of our most outstanding cruises.

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Author: Jemima Forbes

There’s something therapeutic about gliding across a limitless ocean or an expansive river. Not only is it an opportunity to slow down, but it also provides you with a different perspective on your chosen destination. Setting sail on a luxury cruise is a fantastic way to really immerse yourself in your surroundings. Whether you’re soaking up views of the Pacific Ocean or meandering your way down the Mekong, you can rest assured that our cruise partners are meticulously chosen to ensure your journeys are safe, eco-conscious and tailored to match your needs.

Want to discover the joys of slow travel? Here are some unique cruises that can be included in your personalized itinerary:

1Admire Amazonian rainforests on an exciting cruise

Unique Cruises From Around The World: Our Top Picks

With its glorious mix of white sand beaches, vibrant cities and verdant forests, it’s easy to see why Brazil is a major bucket list destination. 

There’s such a vast amount to cover too, including the country’s iconic Amazonas region. Our Amazon Jungle and Brazil Beaches tour lets you delve into the very heart of this mammoth rainforest and uncover its incredible biodiversity. The four-day journey begins on the Rio Negro where you’ll have the chance to enjoy multiple exciting excursions, from rainforest treks to visiting villages that appear trapped in time. During the latter half of the cruise, you’ll catch a glimpse of the dramatic meeting point of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River. 

As well as being surrounded by lush flora and fauna throughout your Amazon cruise in Brazil, you’ll likely spot many endemic animal species. If you’re lucky, you might even see the ruins of one of the Amazon’s ancient lost cities rising from the rainforest floor!

Unique Cruises From Around The World: Our Top Picks

2Discover rare wildlife on the Galápagos Islands

Unique Cruises From Around The World: Our Top Picks

Have you always wanted to see giant tortoises or scaly marine iguanas in their natural habitats? We recommend a visit to the far-flung Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. Exploring this protected archipelago is best done by boat thanks to the region’s remote location.

The UNESCO-listed islands form one of the most eco-diverse places on the planet and are home to dozens of endemic species. Follow in Charles Darwin’s footsteps and visit this unique cruise destination as part of our Galápagos and Panama…

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