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9 Best Adventure Activities In Portugal

Cliff Diving Adventure Activities In Portugal

From shredding the slopes to jumping out of planes, these are the best adventure activities in Portugal.

With its rugged sea-cliffs, legendary surf breaks and mountainous interior, Portugal is a dream destination for adventure seekers.

While the high season for sun-seeking tourists falls from June to September, the best time to get your adrenaline fix in Portugal is October to March.

This little corner of Iberia has some of the best winter weather in mainland Europe, with warm sunny days that are perfect for getting out and exploring.

Adventure Activities In Portugal

Here’s our pick of the best Portugal adventures the country has to offer.

1) Zip-Lining From Spain

If you’ve always fancied time travel, this is your chance. LimiteZero is the world’s first cross-border zip line,  spanning 720 metres across the Guadiana River between Portugal’s Algarve and Spain’s Andalucia.

You reach a breathtaking speed of up to 80km per hour as you fly towards Portugal – and thanks to the time difference between the two countries – travel back in time by an hour. No flux capacitor required.

We’re cheating a bit by including this one as it’s headquartered in Huelva, Spain, but it’s just a short drive across the border and a fun way to tick another country off your travel bucket list.

2) Kayaking In The Upper Douro

The rugged terrain of the Douro International National Park is home to soaring eagles, wild boar and one of Portugal’s last wild wolf packs. Luckily these guys live a few miles inland, so you’re unlikely to encounter them during kayaking trips.

The Tras-os-Montes region is well worth exploring by boat, whether you rent a canoe and go it alone or join one of the many guided tours.

Kayaking Adventure Activities In Portugal

3) Learning To Solo Skydive

Get your fully-fledged skydiving license in less than a week with the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course at Skydive Algarve.

During the course you practice freefalling from 14 thousand feet with one-on-one instruction, before taking on your very first solo skydive.

If you don’t have time for the full course, you can sign up for a tandem dive and enjoy the views across the country’s south coast.

The nearby beach town of Alvor is famous for its nightlife – and if you’re anything like me around heights, you’ll need a stiff drink after you learn to dive. Definitely one of the best adventure activities in Portugal!

4) Surfing The World’s Best Waves

There’s no doubt that Portugal has some of the best surfing waves in…

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