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The 23 BEST Things to Do in Kyrgyzstan [2023 Update]

Son Kul Yurt Sunset Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan

After 8 trips to the country, we’ve finally released our expert guide to the best things to do in Kyrgyzstan!

There’s a reason Kyrgyzstan is known to be one of the planet’s top emerging destinations.

You’ve heard about it.

You’ve seen the pictures.

Glaciers tumbling down vast valleys.

Snow-capped peaks rising above ancient forests.

There’s a reason it’s called the Switzerland of Asia.

But thats not all.

Throw in an ancient, hospitable culture, Silk Road history, a bustling and vibrant capital, delectable cuisine and more adventure opportunities than Patagonia, and you’ll start to see why so many people are making a beeline for Kyrgyzstan.

So when researching all the incredible things to do in Kyrgyzstan, where do you even start?

Right here!

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This is a nation where nature is woven into the very fabric of its culture. Nomadic herders still take their sheep horses to graze on the jailoos (mountain pastures), and are supported by community-based tourism initiatives allowing travellers to stay in their yurts. 

This continually increases the number of things to do in Kyrgyzstan as new areas and regions become more accessible.

The first of the Central Asian nations to relax its visa policy has created a thriving tourism network.

Everyone who visits Kyrgyzstan dreams of returning.

Staying in a yurt in Son Kul is a Kyrgyzstan experience you’ll never forget.

The Best Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan

The scenery across the country is nothing short of spectacular. As a result, don’t be surprised if you are struggling to decide on the things you want to do in Kyrgyzstan.

Rest assured, wherever you end up it’ll probably leave your jaw on the floor.

Based on our multiple trips to the country (hell, we even run tours there now, that’s how much we love it), we’re sharing our insider tips on all the top things to do in Kyrgzstan.

1) Take a Wander Around the Heart of Bishkek 

Ok, if you’re in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is probably not what drew you here.

However, Kyrgyzstan’s capital is blessed with plenty of opulent Soviet architecture, some lovely parks and quite a lot of foreign cuisine.

Trust me you will crave something more than plov and shashlik eventually! 

At the heart of the city is the huge Ala-Too square. At night it fills with kite fliers, inline skaters and locals hanging out. Come in the daytime and check out nearby Oak Park and Panfilov Park. 


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