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Hong Kong Travel Itinerary – 7 Days Of Food, Culture and Adventure [2024]

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Hong Kong is Asia’s World City but more than that, it’s an open kitchen, has a legendary skyline, filled with vibrant traditions, unexpected lush greenery, and ancient volcanoes. You think you know the city, but until you’ve seen our Hong Kong travel itinerary, you’ll realize that there’s so much that you haven’t seen.

In 7 days, we cover all the essential details you need to build your own epic trip to Hong Kong. Let’s jump right in!

What You’ll Get Out of This Itinerary

  • Day-by-day breakdown that covers how to build a 7 day itinerary of Hong Kong.
  • Important details about major attractions including where to buy tickets, directions, best days to go, and more.
  • Interactive Google Map of all locations on the itinerary.
  • Access to the get the itinerary spreadsheet.

Hong Kong Trip Planning

hong kong observation wheel long exposure spinning

Journey leading to Hong Kong

This trip to Hong Kong was certainly a unique one for me because half of it was with my parents who and the other half on my own. This was the last leg of their Asia tour before flying home to Canada and I was accompanying them and playing a bit of tour guide as well.

When putting together the itinerary, I wanted to show them the an authentic side to Hong Kong and be able to do it independently because they’re so used to seeing Asia through the lens of a bus tour.

As someone that’s been to Hong Kong before, it’s also worth noting that we didn’t feel as much FOMO about doing absolutely every single touristy spot in the city. In some ways, this was much more liberating because we could go a bit off-the-beaten-path.

Who this Hong Kong itinerary is for

While this itinerary is certainly perfect for first-timers, with a week to work with, it gave us some latitude to incorporate a few unique locations that often don’t make their way to most Hong Kong trips.

  1. Seeking local eats – This itinerary almost exclusively focuses on local street eats. If you enjoy trying authentic Hong Kong cuisine, you’re going to be a happy camper.
  2. Enjoy the natural outdoors – Easily overlooked are Hong Kong’s bounty of outdoor experiences. If you love hiking, you’ll love how Hong Kong’s Green Outdoors are incorporated.
  3. Want to see the popular sights

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