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Shirtless man filmed repeatedly punching fellow passenger on flight

Shirtless man filmed repeatedly punching fellow passenger on flight

Passengers on a flight from Bangladesh were shocked when a shirtless man started to throw punches at a fellow traveller.

Video captured of the outburst has gone viral, with reports saying the “air rage” incident was prompted by a disagreement over seating.

The man was flying on Biman Bangladesh Airlines at the time, the New York Post reported.

In the video, there’s a clear altercation happening at the front of a plane cabin, with the camera zooming in in time to show a young man, wearing no shirt, raise his fists and repeatedly punch someone sitting in the front row of seats.

He is eventually restrained by other passengers before a crew member arrives to resolve the issue. The aircraft appears to be stationary on the runway at the time of the attack.

The video has already more than 120,000 views.

The date of the incident is unclear; the clip was initially posted two weeks ago, with various viral accounts sharing it this week.

Many air travellers were shocked, with one tweeting: “Who allows these idiots to fly?”

Another said: “Clothings optional on planes now?”

It’s not the first time a disruptive passenger has prompted fellow customers to get out their phones and start filming.

In November, a drunk man was captured shouting at and threatening Singapore Airlines staff, seemingly because they had not served him any water.

Meanwhile, in October, an American woman’s meltdown on an aircraft went viral after she was reportedly told she could not fly with her dog on her lap.

The woman was shown swearing at fellow passengers and crew, and even throwing a water bottle across the cabin.

But outbursts on planes can land air passengers in serious trouble.

Earlier this week it was announced that two passengers who engaged in a “drunken brawl” on a Tui flight now face federal charges in the US.

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