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‘Absolutely disgusting’: Australian couple slams ‘health hazard’ Bali villa

‘Absolutely disgusting’: Australian couple slams ‘health hazard’ Bali villa

An Australian couple has slammed a villa on the Indonesian island of Bali, saying it was “absolutely disgusting” and describing it as a “health hazard”.

“Whatever you do, do not rent this villa,” wrote Facebook user Daber Dee in a scathing review of RoseDuin Villa in Seminyak, on the travel tips page Bali Travel Forum.

“It is absolutely disgusting, run down, mouldy, in need of urgent renovation. It is simply a health hazard and dangerous. We arrived and the beds appeared to be made, however the sheets had not been changed from the previous guests. Stains all over them.

“One bedroom was completely unusable due to mould and paint peeling off. The bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned and the entire place smelled of urine and humidity,” added the furious holidaymaker.

The five-bedroom villa is rented out from £221 per night, in the popular area of Seminyak, on Bali’s southwestern coast.

Leaking sinks and grubby floors were two of the complaints

(Facebook/Daber Dee)

Management company Bali Prime Hospitality describes it as “air-conditioned”, “boasting garden views” and “around 350 yards from Double Six Beach”. There are photos of its private pool, with sun loungers, and clean white interiors with leather sofas.

The holidaymaker insists the property was not as described, adding: “The owner is an arrogant man who said, if you don’t like it leave. He did nothing to resolve the issues and kept asking for the second week’s rent.

“He accused me of causing the peeling paint although I had only been in the villa a day and suggested I put the cockroaches around the villa,” they claimed.

Attaching 12 photos showing peeling paint on walls, damp patches beneath a sink, dirt and litter around the edges of rooms and a precarious sliver of decking protruding from an outdoor area, the reviewer pulled no punches with their warning to stay away.

The Facebook post pulled no punches

(Facebook/Daber Dee)

As well as the general quality of the rental, the tenant warned Bali-goers against dealing with the property owners, a company called Bali Prime Hospitality.

“We attempted three times to talk and resolve the issues and each time we were told, ‘I don’t understand why you are still there’ and that we owe [the owner] the second week’s accommodation money,” ranted the holidaymaker.

Construction work in the complex of…

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