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Cost of travel crisis: Package holidays and flights up to 30% pricier than last year, finds Which?

Cost of travel crisis: Package holidays and flights up to 30% pricier than last year, finds Which?

The cost of package holidays and flights has risen sharply since last year, according to new research.

A study undertaken by consumer brand Which? found that a week’s holiday in Greece was 30 per cent more than in 2022, costing an average of £867 per person during summer 2023.

Flights have seen the steepest price hike year on year; fares over Easter are set to be a massive 51 per cent higher on average, compared to 2022.

Data from airfares analyst Skytra was used for the study, and prices were examined for direct flights to 15 favourite destinations for holidaymakers in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the US flying out of six UK airports.

The analysis established that airfares to Italy and Greece have risen by a whopping 71 per cent each.

Flights to the US have the highest ticket fares at £1,527 per person, yet they increased the least.

Meanwhile, Which? also compared the average prices for holidays in popular tourist spots Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus.

The study indicated that trips to Italy, Spain and Turkey have all risen in price by a least a fifth.

The cost of holidays to Portugal have increased the least; a week there is now 7 per cent more compared to last year, and working out at around £705 per person.

Additionally, Spain emerged as the cheapest of the six destinations researched, despite a marked price increase. A week’s package holiday costs £693 per person on average.

Focusing again on Easter as a key travelling time, Which? used information from Kayah to compare the average prices of three and four-star hotels in 2022 and 2023.

Findings highlight that UK hotel prices have increased by 19 per cent – from £100 a night in 2022 to £119 a night in 2023 – with rates now matching the cost of an average overnight stay in a European hotel.

In the same holiday period, international hotel rates have increased by 23 per cent, taking room costs from £138 on average during Easter 2022 to £170 in 2023.

Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, said: “If you need to book a certain destination or dates, such as during the school summer holidays, book as early as possible to ensure the best price.

“Opting for an all-inclusive break may also be worth considering, as you will be protected from currency fluctuations, and have the assurance that expenses like food and drink are already covered.


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