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The Complete Guide to Peninsula PenClub

The Complete Guide to Peninsula PenClub

One of the world’s finest luxury hotel brands, Peninsula Hotels, has a rather small global footprint with only 10 properties worldwide. At the same time, these 10 often win awards for being some of the best luxury properties in the world.

Peninsula Hotels can be found in Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Paris. Properties in London and Istanbul are set to open early 2023 as the brand expands its portfolio.

While the cost of a stay surely won’t come cheap, and without a loyalty program offering additional benefits to guests, the best way to get the most value out of your Peninsula stay is through Peninsula PenClub.

What Is Peninsula PenClub?

Peninsula PenClub is the name of Peninsula’s preferred partner program. By booking through PenClub and an authorized travel advisor, you’ll receive value-added amenities and upgrades without having to pay anything extra.

In fact, a booking made through PenClub will cost the same as any published Peninsula rate.

One element that’s unique to the program is that corporate rates can also be booked through Peninsula PenClub, making it perhaps the only preferred partner program that allows this. This way, you can benefit from a lower rate through your corporate affiliation, but still get the additional perks offered through PenClub. 

Peninsula’s iconic properties are the definition of luxury, and a stay at one of the brand’s exclusive properties is sure to be memorable. If you’re looking to indulge in an opulent experience, be sure to consider a Peninsula hotel at your destination.

The Peninsula Bangkok

Keep in mind that the only way to access a Peninsula PenClub rate and receive additional benefits is to book through a dedicated travel advisor. Your advisor will be happy to go over your hotel options, and will liase with the Peninsula property on your behalf.

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