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The 11 Best Secret Sunny Holiday Destinations In Europe!

people walking on beach with surfboards

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If the idea of a summer spent basking in the sunshine on sandy beaches, sipping a refreshing glass of white wine, and dining on exquisite seafood is a dream we all need to make into a reality.

But there’s always one thing that bursts our dream bubble when it’s turned into reality – hordes of tourists. And it seems like everyone and their grandmother are thinking of a European summer vacation this year.

Now you may be thinking all the hidden gems are less hidden these days due to the digital age we live in (thank you Tik Tok) that doesn’t mean there aren’t any secret sunny European destinations left to explore.

In this guide, we’ve listed our favourite sunny holiday destinations in Europe that are a little less crowded, so you can enjoy a European summer without the crowds.

Sunny Holiday Destinations in Europe

So without further ado, here are the best sunny places in Europe to visit for those looking for some much-needed Vitamin D!

1. Cilento, Italy

view of azure waters off the coast of palinuro
Palinuro in Cilento National Park

When you think of sunny holiday destinations in Spain, your mind often pictures Sardinia or Palermo, which are lovely, but they are crowded from June to September.

As long as you avoid August, when the Neapolitans troop to the area en masse for their annual beach holiday, the Cilento National Park is a delightfully tourist-free, typically southern Italian seaside idyll.

So much so that UNESCO named Cilento one of only four regions in Italy where you can still find the classic dolce vita – that means amazing food, beautiful beaches, sun-soaked days, and plenty of Italian vino!

Of course, the area is already listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural importance, including the remains of two major ancient cities.

Just an hour south of the Amalfi Coast, Cilento is an area covered with olive trees, featuring 100km of coastline dotted with sandy beaches and cosy bays, all framed by spectacular mountains.

And, other than the sleepy locals,…

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