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Savvy Savings Tips for Your Next Vacation

Rice fields, Bali (photo: Jamie Fenn)

Everyone needs a break now and then. The sooner you plan your vacation, the more likely you will have a great experience.

You’ll have the time to save enough money to give yourself the trip you deserve. Planning and budgeting is essential to having a stress-free and affordable holiday. 

Rice fields, Bali (photo: Jamie Fenn)
Rice fields, Bali (photo: Jamie Fenn)

Savings Tips

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is the most important step. Determine how much money you’ll ideally need. As well as how much money you can comfortably save in the allotted time before the trip.

Ensure that your budget includes expenses before you arrive at the destination, like airfare, ground transportation, and accommodation expenses.

Then budget for your expenses, such as shopping, food, and entertainment, once you arrive. Check this blog post out for a few ideas on saving towards your goal quickly.

Deals and Discounts

Using deals and discounts can be a great way to fund luxury vacations at more affordable prices.

You can also use this method to pick your destination based on what’s within your budget. Try and find discount codes for your next holiday by TUI.

So, do a little digging for deals before booking your vacation. All-inclusive packages can often be more affordable in the long run, depending on what’s included.

You can find flight, accommodation, and activities deals on various websites. 

Train travel in Goa, India (photo: JK)
Train travel in Goa, India (photo: JK)

Low Cost Accommodation

Luxury hotels are amazing to stay in; they’re beautiful, and everything is handled for you. But, they usually cost an arm, a leg – and sometimes a kidney!

You can save money by booking something much cheaper. Consider alternatives like couchsurfing, self-catering accommodation, and Airbnb.

Hostels are also a good choice, they typically have single and family rooms that are still quite affordable.

Fly Smart

Flights can account for most of your holiday budget, depending on where you’re flying and how many planes you need to catch.

Do a little more digging and use price comparison sites to get the best deals and prices on flights. 

Also, do your best to avoid any extra in-flight costs. This means ensuring your luggage falls within the free amount allowed, whether for carry-on, checked, or a combination of both.

Avoid paying exorbitant fees for business class (and even premium economy, at times).

Don’t pick your preferred seat if you have to pay a fee. Here are a few…

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