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A rocky mountainous landscape as seen from the water on a beautiful sunny day with blue skies.

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Everything you need to know to plan your gay trip to Albania including safety tips and unmissable sights for gay travelers!

Albania. One of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Though something tells us this is about to change…

With a landscape filled with white sand beaches, fairytale-like castles, and a history that is as fiery as a Real Housewives reunion, is it any wonder Albania is fast becoming a must-visit for gay travelers? It’s a wonderful mix of the modern world, with a super chic capital city full of hip bars and clubs, as well as a natural landscape that rivals the French Riviera.

Albanian society may not be as liberal as their neighbors in Greece, but it’s by no means as rigid as places like Serbia or Russia (although that ain’t a tall order…).

Tirana, the capital, hosts an annual Pride event featuring activities throughout the city and a massive parade. However, there are no official gay bars or clubs in Tirana. That being said, there have been major strides toward acceptance in recent years, especially after the country overthrew communist rule in the early 1990s. We found most Albanians we met to be very friendly, and eager to make us feel welcome as a queer couple, particularly the younger generations.

Read all about our adventures traveling in Albania as a gay couple, along with vital safety and practical tips in this gay guide.

A rocky mountainous landscape as seen from the water on a beautiful sunny day with blue skies.

Discover Albania with a group of gay guys!

Every July/August, the awesome Out Adventures host a fantastic trip around the Balkans exploring Albania and Montenegro. We love these trips! Whether you’re visiting as a couple or a solo traveler, it’s the best way to discover a new place with your LGBTQ fam to hand.

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Gay rights in Albania

Society is very conservative, but the LGBTQ laws of Albania are not as bad as other Balkan countries.

Albania got rid of its anti-gay law back in 1995. Then in 2010, they introduced a whole array of anti-discrimination laws including laws on employment, and against hate speech. In addition, LGBT people have been allowed to openly serve in the Albanian military since 2008 and gay men are allowed to donate blood.

The big news came more…

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