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Best Carry-On Luggage for Men in 2023

Monos Carry-On

If you’re looking for the best carry-on luggage for men, you want options that are versatile, durable, and well-designed. So many carry-ons out there are overly complicated, have limited functionality, or simply aren’t well-built enough to survive the rigors of travel.

From business trips to scary bus rides in the Himalaya to destroying luggage wheels on the cobblestones of little German towns, I’ve gained a lot of experience with what makes a good carry-on.

I personally have always traveled with just carry-ons. Checking bags can be expensive and complicated, and it always adds more stress when traveling. I love the simplicity and peace of mind of carrying everything with me.

When shopping for the best carry-on luggage, you want one that will last a lifetime and serve for all your traveling needs. In this list, I focused on the best luggage for men that are sized to work for both domestic and international trips.

1. Monos Carry-On Pro: Best Carry-On Luggage for Men Overall

Monos focuses on simple, elegant, functional luggage, and they make some of the best hardside luggage out there. While their products aren’t the cheapest, their emphasis on quality leads to suitcases that measure up to much more expensive brands.

I love that Monos suitcases are built to last and are sustainably made. This is refreshing in a world full of cheap products. I’ve completely destroyed multiple suitcases while traveling, so I can assure you that investing once in a high-quality carry-on is better than having to replace a cheap one down the road.

The Monos Carry-On Pro is my pick for the best carry-on luggage for men because it packs all the features you need in a rugged but stylish package that’s ready for anything.

So many carry-on luggage options out there are overly complicated and cumbersome without delivering on durability and real-life useability. In my view the best carry-on for men needs to be simple, long-lasting, and, above all, versatile.

I look for a suitcase that’s ready for week-long business trips, impromptu vacations, and long-haul international journeys. I don’t have room in my life to juggle different suitcases for different uses, so I want one that can do it all.

The Monos Carry-On Pro really delivers in terms of versatility and quality. Its simple and elegant design cuts out the clutter while giving you a compact suitcase that checks all the boxes for men’s travel.

With simple but functional interior pockets and an exterior pocket…

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