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13 Very Best Things To Do In Midtown Manhattan – Hand Luggage Only

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New York City is a totally vast, exciting and incredible city to visit in the United States. That being said, one of the most popular areas of New York has to be in the beating heart of Manhattan; especially in Midtown. Trust me, there are so many best things to do in Midtown Manhattan that you won’t want to leave this area when you visit. 

With amazing things to do in New York, I wanted to share some of our absolute favourite spots in Midtown that you shouldn’t miss. 

This way, you can totally focus on all the exciting things to do when you arrive. All without getting overwhelmed with the planning element during your New York visit. 

Have the most amazing time in the Big Apple; and specifically Midtown Manhattan! 

1.) Grand Central Terminal

First up, no first visit to New York is complete without a trip to Grand Central Station. Visiting is one of the best things to do in Midtown Manhattan if you’ve never been to the city before. 

Grand Central has been serving people for over a hundred years and stands proudly in the heart of Midtown. Considered one of the most beloved train stations in the United States, there are other famous spots which can be seen in the vicinity like the Whispering Gallery, the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant and the iconic clock which you can’t miss. 

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Best of all, Grand Central is also located near the Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. This means you can visit them all with ease in one trip.

Interestingly, keep your eyes peeled on the painted roof of Grand Central. Although it was a mistake, one amazing thing about this terminal is its ceiling which was painted ‘mirror-inverted’. This meant a few little mistakes happened when painting. Look out for the astrological signs that are positioned in reverse. 

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2.) Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock)

Taking years to build (almost a decade), The Rockefeller Center is one of Midtown Manhattan’s most iconic buildings.

It’s a hugely popular building to visit throughout the year, especially at Christmas when all the lights, Christmas tree and ice rink adorn the square around the building. It’s totally lovely but can get really busy. So, if you don’t like crowds, maybe visit earlier in the morning and avoid weekends. 

Oh, and don’t forget to book tickets to Top of the Rock, with epic views all across New York. For me,…

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