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Where to Stay in Auckland When You Visit (Updated 2023)

The stunning skyline of Auckland, New Zealand during a colorful dusk sunset

Posted: 3/5/2023 | March 5th, 2023

Boasting harbors galore and multiple boat-packed marinas, Auckland, the largest and most sophisticated urban area in New Zealand (though it’s not the capital), is nicknamed the “City of Sails.”

In addition to its scenic seaside views and ample water activities, Auckland has an incredible food scene, insightful museums, verdant parks, third-wave coffee spots, and very welcoming locals.

Home to almost two million people (almost 35% of the entire population of New Zealand), Auckland has a plethora of vibrant, colorful neighborhoods. And as the main airport hub in the country, this is where most travelers start their trip.

To ensure you make the most of your visit (and that don’t spend all your time in transit between neighborhoods), it’s important to do some research to figure out the best place to stay while in this metropolis.

To help you decide where to stay in Auckland, here are the best neighborhoods (according to me) so you can choose the area that suits your travel style and budget.

But, first, here are some common questions I get asked about Auckland neighborhoods:

What’s the best neighborhood for first-time visitors?
Central (or Downtown) is home to the iconic Sky Tower, the Auckland Art Gallery, and several great restaurants. As the name implies, it’s a convenient, centrally located area.

What’s the best neighborhood for shopping?
Britomart is a bright, cheery part of town filled with indie boutiques and shopping malls — perfect for those who want to splurge on shopping.

What’s the best neighborhood for foodies?
Known locally as “K-Road,” Karangahape Road is a fun, up-and-coming neighborhood that is home to a number of great eateries.

What’s the best neighborhood for beaches?
Located on Auckland’s north shore, Takapuna is a world away from the bustle of the city. The long stretches of beach here are wonderful.

What’s the best neighborhood for history buffs?
With a long history and lots of Maori heritage, Devonport is a nice place to base yourself.

What’s the best neighborhood overall?
Central is a good spot for basing yourself right in the middle of Auckland. It might not have the charm of K-Road or Devonport, but you can get anywhere from here.

So, with those questions answered, here’s a breakdown of each neighborhood, with suggested accommodations, so you know exactly where to stay in Auckland:


Where to Stay in Auckland for First-Time Visitors: Central

The stunning skyline of Central Auckland, New Zealand featuring the famous Sky Tower
As the name…

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