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Mystery stranger pays everyone’s bill at Nobu

Mystery stranger pays everyone’s bill at Nobu

Diners at one of Australia’s most exclusive restaurants were left open-mouthed after a mystery good samaritan picked up the bill for everyone on Monday evening (6 March).

Visitors to Nobu at Crown Sydney, where a seven-course tasting menu costs $175 (£98), were left mystified by the anonymous benefactor.

Television and radio presenter Sami Lukis posted about her experience on Twitter, writing: “Still in shock after someone paid EVERY table’s bill at Nobu restaurant in Sydney last night (including mine).

“The waiter called it ‘a random act of kindness’. The incredibly generous stranger probably won’t see this… but… thank you.”

A second person replied in the comments: “I was there with my partner and cousin to celebrate my cousin’s 21st birthday. Nearly fell off my chair when the waitress said. So kind.”

The Japanese fine dining restaurant chain is renowned for its expensive dishes, prompting some commenters to question whether diners they assumed were already wealthy were the best recipients for this act of charity.

“Exactly what overpaid rich people needed,” tweeted one person in response.

“A bill the size of a family of four’s weekly grocery amount to be covered in a restaurant which is generally only occupied by people who have money to waste on such luxurious things.”

Another person replied: “Haha, a lot of people in the restaurant probably worked hard to afford their meal at Nobu. I go regularly, it’s a great restaurant and a brilliant gesture.”

Ms Lukis described her discomfort around the incident in a dedicated piece for Honey Nine.

“I certainly don’t want to sound ungrateful for my ridiculously lavish free meal, but as we left the restaurant, I couldn’t help feeling this particular art of generosity seemed weirdly out of place in such an expensive restaurant,” she wrote.

“It’s probably safe to assume most people who choose to dine at Nobu are not doing it tough, so I wondered if those thousands of dollars could have been better spent elsewhere?

“That said, you never know what’s going on in someone’s life and it’s not my place to judge how someone chooses to spend their money. Maybe that guy had already donated to a charity or a homeless shelter, or spread joy elsewhere that day,” she said.

A spokesperson for Crown Sydney told Daily Mail: “It’s always nice to hear…

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