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101 Niche Website Ideas For 2023 (+How To Make Money)

101 Niche Website Ideas For 2023 (+How To Make Money)

I’ve personally started nearly a dozen niche websites over the years and currently run 5 websites across different niches. I also teach others how to start, grow, and monetize niche websites and have helped nearly 1,000 people start new niche sites.

Surprisingly, with all of this experience in the field, I still haven’t written a post about this on the blog or written a guest post on another blog about it! So here it goes. Here’s a list of 101 niche site ideas that can earn money in 2023.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is any site or blog that caters to a specific audience or focuses on a specific topic. It can be about any topic including travel, health, technology, cooking, the outdoors, or even more obscure niches. What makes a website a “niche website” is the specificity and focus on the exact topic it covers.

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The difference between a niche site and an authority site is that typically niche sites are smaller and are heavily content-focused, while an authority site is more brand-focused.

While some bloggers create a distinction between a “niche site” and an “authority site” I believe that all websites should be built with the authority site mentality, meaning you will create a brand around the website and make it as useful as possible so your readers will keep returning.

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101 Niche Website Ideas

I know, 101 is a lot of niche website ideas, but as someone who has started many niche websites, I know the importance of starting a niche site about something you’re passionate about. It’s one of the many reasons why starting a blog is a great idea.

I hope that by listing 101 niche site ideas, you’ll have a better chance of getting inspired by the list to start a website or blog around your passion.

In the list below, I’ve separated the niche site ideas into 10 categories. Under each category, I’ve listed the niche idea, as well as some website name ideas and a monetization strategy for each so that you have an idea of how each site might earn an income.

Please note that each of the niche website name ideas is just to give you some inspiration for what words you might use in your own name. The names…

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