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Caravan Parks In South West Rocks NSW

Scenic aerial coastal views over Arakoon National Park,

If you’ve ever thought about visiting South West Rocks in NSW, one of the best ways to see it is to grab your car keys, hit the road, and stay at one of the caravan parks.

Arakoon National Park, South West Rocks | Credit Destination NSW

Caravan Parks in South West Rocks allow you to stay in nature, enjoy cheaper prices, park up your RV or camper van, and have your own space.

As well as being more budget-friendly, they are also kitted out like mini resorts, with many onsite amenities such as BBQ areas, laundry facilities, and outdoor swimming pools.

But since South West Rocks has become a booming destination, more caravan sites have opened up in the area, making it difficult to figure out which one to stay at.

To help you out, we’ve listed the best caravan sites in South West Rocks and also listed some top things to do in the area, so you can plan your trip with ease.

Why Stay in a Caravan Park in South West Rocks?

south West Rocks

One of the best ways to see Australia is to travel by car and stay in caravan parks around the country.

This is really popular with Australians which makes it a perfect opportunity for international tourists to get to know the Australian culture.

It also means you get to discover beautiful, serene natural places and off-the-beaten path experiences that aren’t on the usual tourist trail.

If you are looking for natural beauty, the opportunity to get up close to our native animals, and nice beaches then make your way to one of the caravan parks in South West Rocks NSW.

Where is South West Rocks?

map of south west rocks location

South West Rocks is on the mid-north coast of NSW. It’s just a 20-minute detour off the Legendary Pacific Coast Drive to get there, but the detour is well worth it.

It’s about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, being a 5-hour drive along the M1 and Pacific Hwy/A1 north from Sydney or south from Brisbane.

South West Rocks is surrounded by National Parks and beaches, which means this small town of 4,000 does not have room to grow. It’s a well-known hot spot for scuba diving and surfing.

The developers can’t really get in so there are no high rises and only a small offering of cafes and restaurants. Instead you’re going to get a whole lot of beauty and relaxation.

The drive into South West Rocks goes through farmlands and coastal forest and the drives around town.

Caravan Parks at South West Rocks

South West Rocks hasn’t got a lot of Caravan Parks, mostly holiday resorts where you can stay in a little cabin or lodge, but you can…

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