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How to do Disney World with a Baby, the Ultimate Guide by a former Cast Member

Disney World a baby: tips, tricks and advice from a former Cast Member for visiting Disney World with an infant.

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When Jeremy picked Disney World for his 35th birthday trip, I was nervous. I mean, we’ve done Disney World plenty of times – and I was there pretty much every single day when I was a Cast Member. But we’d never, EVER done Disney World with a baby. And this trip, we’d be bringing along Baby A for baby’s first Disney trip!

Would she hate it? Would we hate it?! I had no idea, but I feared the worst. We both braced ourselves for a cranky, overstimulated baby that we’d be spending 5 days straight entertaining in the parks while switching off riding our favorite Disney rides.

But to my absolute surprise, Baby A LOVED Disney World. She loved rides. She loved shows. She loved characters. She was really into birds all of a sudden, and for some reason, lamps? She loved Cast Members, she loved dancing to music as we walked through the parks. She LOVED Disney World! And we loved getting to see it through her eyes. Disney with a baby is so worth it, y’all!

In this (massive) guide, we’re sharing tips and tricks for visiting Disney with babies, including the best (and worst) parks and attractions for babies, where to stay, and a few essentials to pack. Let’s dive in!

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