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The Ultimate Guide to the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania [2023]

Things To Do On The Tasman Peninsula Travel Guide Person Walking

Your ultimate guide to the Tasman Peninsula, including the best things to do and see, where to stay, how to get around, and more.

When we travelled around Tasmania for three months in our campervan, we tried our best to visit every beach, town, bay, national park and waterfall we could.

From the wild west coast to the southern tip, northern forests to the stunning east coast, and of course the mountainous interior, we were constantly blown away at just how magical this Australian island is.

Our absolute favourite place to explore though? The glorious Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania is an ideal attraction for tourism because it has so much to offer.

The area consists of beautiful beaches, epic hikes, excellent fishing and snorkelling opportunities, historical sites and quaint towns.

We spent over a week here, trekking the famous Three Capes Track, chasing the Aurora Australis and exploring historic Port Arthur, and managed to fill every single day with activities

Our guide to things to do on the Tasman Peninsula, one of the best places to visit in Tasmania, is a great self-guided travel opportunity where visitors can style their plans to just about anything they’d like to achieve from their trip.

The Tasman Peninsula is an amazing place to explore. Definitely give yourself enough time to see and do everything here.

The Best Things to Do on the Tasman Peninsula

Whether you’re looking for adventure, nature, wellness, food or history, you’ll find it all when checking out the top things to do in the Tasman Peninsula.

Here’s what we did while we were there, and what Tasman Peninsula attractions we think you shouldn’t miss.

1) Port Arthur Historic Site

The Port Arthur Historic Site at Sullivans Cove is home to Tasmania’s most popular tourist attraction.

The site has over 6 kilometres of scenic trails that wind through a convict settlement, with restored buildings and old stonework.

The Port Arthur Historic Site grounds look beautiful now, but this place has a hard history.

These convict settlements were once haunting sites where prisoners were kept and staff and guards slept in cottages. Many terrible events took place here.

It used to be a former convict prison in the 1800s, so it was where many criminals were sent who had committed things like robbery and murder. Yes, they were bad people, but no one should go through these horrible conditions.

Many things happened at this prison that we can’t even imagine. Prisoners…

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