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Best hotels in Las Vegas 2023: Where to stay for style on the Strip and beyond

Best hotels in Las Vegas 2023: Where to stay for style on the Strip and beyond

The good news: Las Vegas notoriously has a lot of hotel rooms, which keeps prices low – and they’re usually subsidised by the casinos, which pushes them even lower. The bad news: every hotel has a daily, non-negotiable resort fee (usually including things such as wifi and gym access), which can sometimes be painfully close to the cost of your room.

Back to the good. Sitting in the state of Nevada, in the US, there’s no high season in Sin City as such, though summer prices tend to be lower because of the blistering heat. That said, weekends are when the city fills up, meaning astonishingly low prices can be found between Sunday and Thursday. However, major conferences can push mid-week prices up, so always shop around with dates.

Vegas hotels used to be cheap(ish) but grim. Fortunately, the past 10 years have seen them do a 180, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad room here. But, rather than sweat it out, searching for your perfect Sin City stay, we’ve done the hard work for you, with our round-up of the best hotels the city has to offer.

Neighbourhood: The Strip

The Bellagio is seriously swanky and comes with great views of the Strip


Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without the dancing fountains of Bellagio. Inside the hotel, things are just as swanky – there’s a grand conservatory in the marble-and-gold lobby, which houses spectacular seasonal displays. The in-house entertainment is provided by Cirque du Soleil (the show here, O, is considered one of its best), and one of the hotel’s restaurants is called Picasso, because it has real Picassos on the wall. And just off the classical statue-flanked pool, there’s an art gallery with old masters in it.

The rooms live up to the rest of the decor, with a silvery-blue palette, neat floral bathrooms and great views. The Strip View rooms have side views of the fountains, but it’s worth upgrading to a Fountain View room, where you’re directly in front of the show.