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Badami Banashankari Shakthipeetha in North Karnataka

Badami Banashankari Temple

Sri Badami Banashankari Devi is a deity worshipped at least since the Chalukya era of Golden Karnataka. Located in Badami Taluk of Bagalkote District, Banashankari temple is a famous Shakti Peetha in North Karnataka. Millions of devotees worship this Devi as their Kuldevi.

King Jagadekamalla III built this temple in 603 CE and installed the Banashankari Devi Murti here. She is the family deity of the Kalyana Chalukyas. 

Marari Dandanayaka “Parasurama Agale” reconstructed this in 1750 CE. Goddess Banashankari is decorated with unique ornaments and sarees for nine days during Navratri. All her devotees pay visits to the temple during these 9 days of Navaratri to witness the 9 swaroops of Devi.

Historical Significance

Badami Banashankari temple has its own historical traces.

Skanda Purana mentions the stories of Badami Banashankari – the patron deity of the Chalukyas and neighboring kings.

Badami Banashankari Temple

In the past, a fierce asura called Durgamasura lived in a forest, Tilakaranya. He was giving hardship not only to the people living there but also to the sages. Unable to withstand the torture of Durgamasura, the sages go to the gods. At that time, Adishakti, a form of Parvati, appeared from the Yagna Kund and smothered Durgamasura.

So “Bana” means forest, and Shankari means “Parvatishvarupa” or Shakti of Shankara- hence the name Banashankari.

Shakhambari, another name of Banashankari Amma, comes from an interesting story.

Once upon a time, people were suffering without anything to eat or drink in the town, ravaged by drought. At such a time, Goddess Banashankari quenched the thirst of Mother Earth with her tears and brought life to her devotees. She satiates people’s hunger by creating Shaka (vegetables) and Amba referes to mother. That is why the goddess is also worshipped with the name Shakhambari.

Shakambari is also mentioned in Durga Saptashati as one of the manifestations of Devi for current times.

Different Names of Amma

People worship the goddess Banashankari by names like Balavva, Banadavva, Chaudeshwari, Sankavva Vanadurge, and Vanashankari. She is Simhavahini or the one who rides the lion.

Shakambari Devi in Badami
Shankambari Devi

The Murti of the Devi in black stone is mesmerizing. Lakshmi and Saraswati’s united form of the goddess Banashankari is worshipped mainly in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Temple Architecture & Banashankari Amma Murthi

The present structure of…

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