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7 Best Places to Ski in the Netherlands

Family in De Uithof, Netherlands

I love skiing, and one of my chief fears about moving to the Netherlands was access to decent ski slopes. A ski trip in Holland isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when considering the European coastal flatlands of the Netherlands.

But, believe it or not, the Dutch are known for being creative. For years, they have been enthusiastic fans of mountain-related snow sports with nary a mountain in sight.

Anyway, without being anywhere near the list of the world’s top ski locations, the Dutch enjoy year-round ski activity and snow with the novel idea of indoor ski resorts and facilities. If you fancy yourself as something of a shredder and with a free day or two in the Netherlands, a snowy indoor day might be worth a diversion.

Here are some of the best places for skiing in the Netherlands, even in the middle of July in a broiling European summer! Grab your coat and let’s hit the lift lines.

Best Netherlands Skiing Locations

1. De Uithof

Family in De Uithof, Netherlands
De Uithof / Facebook

Address: Jaap Edenweg 10, 2544 NL Den Haag, Netherlands

Best place to stay near De Uithof: The Hague Marriott Hotel

Starting with the world-famous location, the Hague, the Dutch enjoy a modest nearby ski complex with De Uithof, which combines a blue slope that covers a 211-meter by 25-meter hill with an adjacent ice rink. Visitors to the Hague looking for something off the beaten path or night entertainment are usually pleasantly surprised with this resort ski and its affordable prices.

The facility runs four different lifts and provides good snow conditions every month of the year. The main ski slope for the facility is split, with advanced skiers on one side and newbies and young families on the other. Lifts and slower pull carpets make it easy for anyone to get back up the slope for another run.

The facility also offers ski and snowboard lessons, so anyone can get started instead of just sitting on the sidelines. There are lessons for children as early as three years for skiing and eight years old for snowboarding. Advanced skiers can take advantage of classes teaching trick skills, freestyle moves, and advanced ski techniques.

As mentioned, the Uithof ski resort also includes ice rinks for families and non-snow-minded. Three different rinks provide general skating, sports, and racing training. Lessons are provided as well for all skill levels. And if skiing and ice skating aren’t enough, De Uithof also provides ice-karting in April and…

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