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20+ Genuinely Useful Things to Know!

Morning at the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, orange roofs and a bright blue sky

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If you’re curious about Montenegro travel, you’ve come to the right place. I love teaching people about traveling in the Balkans, one of my favorite regions in the world, and especially telling people what it’s like to travel to Montenegro!

I loved Montenegro from the moment I first visited in 2012. How could this tiny country be so incredibly stunning? So many rugged mountains and clear teal lakes, so many fun adventure activities and picture-perfect old towns.

And from that first trip, I’ve kept coming back to Montenegro — for music festivals and mountain climbing, birthday celebrations and rafting trips, monastery-hopping and swimming in the Bay of Kotor.

This may be a small country — but it has so much to offer.

Here are things you need to know about Montenegro travel. (And don’t forget to check out my guide to the best things to do in Montenegro, too!)

Spectacular Kotor at sunrise.

Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I have frequently called Montenegro the most beautiful country in the world — or the most beautiful country in Europe. That’s high praise — and I don’t give it out lightly. (And yes, I’ve been to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, you name it.)

While Croatia’s Adriatic coastline might get all the hype, Montenegro’s coastline has quite a bit of beauty as well. The Bay of Kotor is nothing short of spellbinding, with lush green mountains crashing down into clear teal water.

But that’s just the bay (which also happens to be the southernmost fjord in Europe). There are also the mountains. Once you head further inland, Montenegro is filled with stunning gray mountains interspersed with little tufts of greenery.

In fact, Montenegro’s name (Crna Gora) means Black Mountain, and was named for the dense evergreen forests on Mount Lovcen.

Kayaks and wooden boats perched on the dock on a reflective lake surrounded by forest and mountains.
Durmitor National Park in Northern Montenegro is well worth the trip.

Where to go in Montenegro

Not super familiar with Montenegro? Check out my list of 30 best things to do in Montenegro. Here are some of the best places to visit in the country:

Bay of Kotor: This spectacularly gorgeous bay is the most touristed part of the country. Many, many day-trippers come over from Dubrovnik, and plenty more travelers just pop into Kotor and pop out a few days later. Cruise ship travelers base in Kotor as well.

Kotor is…

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