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21 Top Tips On How To Fly With Kids & Not Lose Your Mind

kalyra and savannah looking at aeroplane on runway

The thought of flying with kids is enough to cancel all holiday plans and instead stay at home and play endless games of hide and seek.

It’s true, flying with kids can be disastrous, and that’s why we generally prefer to go on road trips with kids. 

We all know how much people who fly without kids complain about those who fly with children, and those glaring eyes are just another reason why you’d be in two minds about taking that long awaited trip.

We get it, we’ve been there. As frequent flyers with kids, we’ve seen it all, and also learned a few tips and tricks to make the flight go smoothly, not just for the kids but for you and other passengers too.

If you’re finding yourself at the point of canceling a vacation of your dreams and you’re antagonizing over what a flight with kids will be like, then we’re here to help – here are our top tips for flying with kids.

Is flying with kids really worth the hassle?

baby on a plane

But first, is flying with kids worth is? I say yes. Not only because if you don’t fly with kids, you’d never go anywhere and give up on those dreams for fears of glares of other people.

We don’t have a finite amount of time in this world, so is it really worth canceling a trip just because of some strangers opinion? I say no.

Likewise, in all my years of flying and traveling, I do not ever recall being disturbed by another child.

I’ve been irritated by a few adults, plenty of times, but not the children.

Both Kalyra and Savannah have been flying since they were babies, and we’ve only ever had one issue that lasted about 20 minutes.

Kalyra had just turned two. (flying with toddlers is possibly the worst of the ages to travel with kids but still manageable).

We were flying to Puerto Rico and caught a 6:30 am flight from our home at the time Raleigh, North Carolina to Atlanta.

There were plenty of men and women in suits preparing for their morning meeting or trying to get a few extra hours of shut-eye before trying to broker big deals.

Kalyra had just hit independence age and when it was time to put on her seat belt for take off she was having none of it. The high pitched screaming started.

Craig and I crumbled in terror, thinking only of the annoyed flyers around us (to be honest I don’t even think they were).

We had an arsenal of strategies we tried, none of them worked, yet we remained calm and composed.

The crying eventually died down and soon enough she could take the belt off and she was back to being an…

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