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Pakt Travel Backpack Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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The Pakt Travel Backpack makes some big promises, including multiple compartments, capacity to expand to 45L (but still within carry on limitations), and a lifetime warranty.

It also comes with a hefty price tag. But if you travel a lot, want a backpack that can be useful for everyday life as well, and want something that you’ll never have to pay to replace, is it worth it?

I’ve been using the Pakt Travel Backpack for nearly 3 years now and have brought it on nearly every flight since I got it. It replaced all of my other bags because it’s that good. Here’s everything to know before you buy:

Pakt Travel Backpack’s Key Features

What makes the Pakt Travel Backpack different from other bags?

In a nutshell, it’s just easier to use. Here’s what Pakt told me when they reached out to ask if I’d test their bag and post about it on Instagram (which I agreed to do, but they didn’t ask me to write a blog review, and I wouldn’t be doing so unless I loved the bag):

  • Features a lay-flat dual compartment with zip-around construction.
  • Top-loading interior, waterproof pocket, removable hip straps that transform into a sling, lockable zippers, secret security compartments and many, many more.
  • Packs like a suitcase with the comfort of a hiking pack.
  • Consciously constructed- All fabrics are rNylon (recycled nylon), which can be recycled indefinitely.
  • Padded laptop compartment fits devices up to 16”.
  • Secure water bottle holder.
  • Durable construction that is built to last with a LIFETIME warranty.
  • A luggage pass to slide it onto the handle of a suitcase.
  • Waterproof pouch that can now be easily removed.
  • Water resistant exterior.

For me, one of the most important features has been the easy zip top access to the laptop sleeve, which perfectly fits my Macbook Pro.

I used to travel with a bag that had the laptop sleeve all the way at the back, which meant I had to pull out almost everything to access it at TSA. I have precheck in the US, but abroad, I was constantly pulling out my whole carry on just to get the laptop out. I confess sometimes I didn’t pull it out at all and just decided to say ‘oops!’ if they found it and wanted a re-screen. It worked a shocking amount of times, but thankfully I don’t have to do that anymore with the easy-access top zip.

The new version also has a daisy chain clip on system with an easy to remove inner pouch, plus an expandable front compartment. The water bottle pocket now comes with a toggle to…

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