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Parc Omega Wolf Cabins: A Weekend Sleeping With The Wolves

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Experience Quebec

It was our second visit to Parc Omega Wolf Lodge in Quebec and this time we were staying in the magnificent wolf cabin. This unique accommodation, ingeniously designed with glass walls allows guests the rare opportunity to witness the wolves in their natural habitat, all from the comfort and safety of a cozy, well-appointed cabin. As twilight falls the parc empties out save for those who booked a stay at one of the wolf cabins. As silence falls, the haunting melodies of wolf howls punctuate the air, creating a symphony that speaks to the soul.

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge, Quebec

Parc Omega is a unique wildlife park located in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, that offers visitors a chance to observe a variety of North American wildlife in their natural habitats. Spread over 2,200 acres, this park is home to many species such as deer, bison, bears, and wolves. One of the most unique experiences that Parc Omega offers is the opportunity to stay in Parc Omega’s wolf cabin.

Apart from the wolf cabins, there is plenty to see and do at Parc Omega. Visitors can drive through the park and observe the animals from the comfort of their own vehicles. Parc Omega is one of the best places in Canada to see Canadian wildlife.

Self Drive Safari

Parc Omega Wolf Lodge Self Drive

You can visit Parc Omega on a day trip from Ottawa or Montreal. When you enter the park, you will begin a 12km self-drive loop through the different habitats. The route takes about an hour and a half to drive through, but if you are like us and take a lot of photos, it can be a couple of hours.

The car tour is an amazing way to see wildlife from the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Feeding Deer

Be sure to pick up a bag of carrots to feed the deer. You are allowed to feed carrots to the animals from your window. We suggest picking up at least two bags of carrots, the white-tailed deer are cute, but they are greedy and love eating out of the palm of your hand.

Habitats of Parc Omega

Parc Omega Wolf Cabins Habitats

Something we love about Parc Omega is how it has recreated landscapes to mimic the animal’s natural habitats. Serge Lussier who specializes in conservation, helped to design a lot of the habitat within the park. He said that he wouldn’t bring an arctic animal to Parc Omega if they didn’t have a habitat for them.

There is the Arctic Tundra for Arctic animals and wide open plains for the bison. The mountain goats were perched atop a high rocky hill and looked right at home. Since mountain goats normally live at high altitudes, this is a good…

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