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The Best Jobs That Require You To Travel

Jobs that Require You To Travel  woman with backpack, and passport at airport

Ah, the allure of travel! Who doesn’t dream of jet-setting to exotic locations, learning new cultures, and tasting different cuisines?

But what if you could combine your passion for travel with your dream job? Yes, it’s possible!

From freelance writing to international diplomacy, there are plenty of jobs out there that not only include a bit of travel but that require you to travel to keep it.

The Best Jobs That Require You To Travel

So, sit back as we list some of the best jobs that require you to travel and let your future career take root today.

Travel Blogger

It’s no surprise that a travel blogger travels, but what may surprise you is the revenue potential. With sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and paid advertisements, you can make a decent income. However, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Building a successful blog takes time, effort, and both business and networking skills.

Flight Attendant

The life of a flight attendant is not all glamor and glitz, but it does offer the chance to travel frequently. Usually, flight attendants receive benefits like discounted flights for themselves and their families. It’s a demanding job with irregular hours, but if you love flying and customer service, it’s perfect for you.

flight attendant supervising boarding Tame Flight from Coca to Quito


The career of a pilot is synonymous with travel, offering the chance to fly to various destinations, sometimes crossing multiple time zones in a single day.

Whether you’re a commercial pilot for a major airline or a charter pilot for private flights, the job inherently involves seeing different parts of the world. Benefits often include free or discounted flights for you and your family, allowing for personal travel as well.

The training and certification process is rigorous and costly, but the payoff is a fulfilling career with a bird’s-eye view of the world. The job can also be demanding, requiring meticulous attention to safety protocols and a commitment to continuous learning.

International Sales

Companies with a global market often require their sales team to travel internationally to meet potential clients and close deals. This career usually involves attending trade shows, client meetings, and networking events around the world. It’s a job that rewards those with strong communication and negotiation skills plus it doesn’t hurt to know an extra language or two.

ESL Teacher

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