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Do You Really Need An RV Cover?

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RV covers can be a great investment, particularly if you are looking to increase the functional life of your RV. Many RV owners who cover their rigs swear that a cover is the best investment.

However, other owners complain that RV covers have caused mold and damage. So which is correct?

When it comes to buying and using RV covers, you need to be mindful of how and when you cover your RV. A properly installed RV cover is a huge benefit. An improperly installed RV cover can be damaging and a burden to your maintenance activities.

In this article, we will take a look at how to properly use RV covers. We will share tips and tricks that will make an RV cover a benefit, not a burden. And we will share how to avoid problems like RV covers causing mold or damaging your RV paint.

What Is An RV Cover?

RV covers are not an accessory unique to the RV or motorhome industry. In most instances, RV covers are just like the covers that you purchase for your car.

They are intended to protect your vehicle or RV from the elements. Particularly from UV rays that can damage paint or cause seals to dry and crack. 

One of the most frequent misunderstandings of RV covers is that RV covers are only needed when winterizing your RV. While they are great for this purpose, they are much more versatile.

When we mention that they protect your RV from the elements, we really mean all the elements. Sure, RV covers will insulate against snow, but they also work great for protecting the sun, rain, and wind. 

All these weather elements can have negative impacts on the condition of your RV. Using an RV cover will keep the weather from slowly eating away at your RV.

Do You Really Need An RV Cover?

Not every RV owner needs to invest in a cover. However, there are times when you will want to consider adding an RV cover to your maintenance routine.

Your RV is a large financial investment. Making sure that it is stored or winterized properly is a must for protecting its value.

If you do not have covered storage for your RV a cover can be huge. Perhaps you do not have a covered storage facility available or maybe the option is outside of your budget.

Either way, RV covers can be a great alternative, at a…

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