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6 amazing sports travel experiences to combine with once-in-a-lifetime trips


Any year that sees an Olympics is immediately an important one in the world of sport, and in 2024 the Games are accompanied by football and cricket tournaments, a perennial tennis favourite and unique events in cycling and F1.

Such events, often spread out over a week or even a month, offer an amazing opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world alongside catching the very best in sporting entertainment.

A cricket World Cup might see you exploring seven of the islands of the West Indies, while anyone following the yellow jersey can experience the dramatic scenery of the Alps during the Tour de France.

Though the Tour misses out the famed landmarks and wide avenues of Paris, it’s no problem as the Olympics kicks off just five days later in the French capital. For something more long-haul, go on an adrenaline-fuelled trip to the F1 amid the glitzy resorts and sparkling Strip of Las Vegas.

Whatever your sport of choice, there’s likely to be an event that also offers unforgettable travel experiences – read on to find some of the best in 2024.

2024 Olympics: Paris and France

<p>Paris will host the majority of events, along with a handful of other cities including Marseille </p>

Paris will host the majority of events, along with a handful of other cities including Marseille

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The world’s premier sporting event heads to Paris for its 33rd edition. It begins with an opening ceremony along the Seine on 26 July 2024 and ends on 11 August – the days between those dates will see the world’s finest athletes fighting for the ultimate crowning glory across 32 different sports, ranging from basketball to gymnastics. Tickets for events including basketball, handball, football and canoe slalom are still available on the official site, starting at around €24.

Paris is the official host city of the games, with 16 other locations – including Marseille, Bordeaux and even Tahiti – hosting events including football and surfing. The usually bustling City of Light will be especially atmospheric next summer, fresh off the back of a successful Rugby World Cup and revelling in another period of worldwide attention. Not that it is any stranger to that; its top class art galleries, world-famous landmarks and charming neighbourhoods are busy at the best of times, but expect large crowds alongside a buoyant atmosphere, whether you decide to visit the Eiffel Tower, browse along the…

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