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20 delicious reasons to visit Pakistan

Pakoras are best eaten while still hot.


Bordered by China, Afghanistan, Iran and India – and with a population of more than 200 million people – it’s no surprise that Pakistan is a country of geographical and linguistic diversity.

However, there’s common ground to be found in Pakistan’s food.

Pakistanis are passionate about their cuisine, which is full of flavor and bursting with color. And they love to eat.

Here are some of the best dishes to try:

These easy-to-make crispy, fried fritters are a classic finger food served as a starter or a side dish.

Vegetables are thinly sliced before being soaked in a seasoned and spice gram flour batter and then fried for a few minutes.

Grab them while they are hot. If you prefer a meatier option, fish pakoras are also a favorite.

There are many different kinds of kebabs in Pakistani culture, including the shami kebab, pictured.

Served as a snack or appetizer, there are many types of kebabs in Pakistani cuisine.

There’s the popular seekh kebab, which is ground meat grilled on skewers.

We also recommend the chapli kebab – so called because it is thought to be shaped like a chappal (sandal) – and the shami kebab, which features small patties made with minced meat mixed with split chickpeas, finely chopped onion, mint, green chili and egg to hold it all together.

Gol gappa is a popular streetfood.

This popular street food was once sold by cart-pushing vendors who would sing out their presence while hawking their wares. While the advent of more snack food restaurants has made this less common, the popularity of the gol gappa has not waned.

The round shell is made with semolina and fried. Once it cools and becomes brittle, a hole is created and filled with a mixture of tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas. It is served with a bowl of spicy tamarind dip.

This rice dish is often served on special occasions.

Thought to have developed in the royal kitchens of the 16th-19th century Mughal Empire, this rice dish is often served on special occasions.

It can be made with lamb or beef but chicken biryani is a…

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