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Common Reasons Why Some People Don’t Travel

mother and two daughters posing for selfie in front of grand canyon views

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I hear it all the time; “I want to travel, but…” There is always something in the way for some people, and while their intentions may be to one day take that dream trip, for many it’s a pipe dream or a luxury that they can’t have.

We’ve been very fortunate to live a life of travel the way we have, and in some ways, we take it for granted.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Some people do not have the privilege of traveling when they want, be it time constraints, financial reasons, of personal. There are many reasons why people don’t travel, and it’s not always a simple fix.

Some people don’t want to travel, which is fine. We have to live what is in our hearts.

If you’ve every wondered why some people don’t travel, then below I will share some of the biggest road blocks that people have shared with me when it comes to travel.

Reasons Why People Don’t Travel

1. Fear of leaving friends and family

friends at the bar posing to camera
With friends and my sister in Margaret River

The fear of leaving people behind is a real struggle for a lot of people. I totally understand, we’ve left our friends and family in Australia to move to the USA, so I can relate to those people.

What those people are really afraid of is leaving the comforts of what you know.

We love our friends and family and enjoy their company, which is what makes leaving them hard, but if you have a burning desire, you’ll do it regardless.

The real reason you’re afraid to leave your friend and family behind is that you are afraid of who you are when you are not attached to these people.


Quite often, we define who we are by the people we surround ourselves with. Once they’re gone, we can feel lost as to how to think, plan, dream, and be.

Leaving the known for the unknown is terrifying, BUT thousands of people have done it before you, survived AND created the life they really love. There is no greater gift you can give to yourself, hence other people.

Live the best life you possibly can so they know all their sacrifices have been worth it.

How to overcome this fear

  • Keep your friends and family as an important part of your life and continue to share your joys and pain with them.
  • Technology is wonderful. They can be with you through Skype, and Facebook and text messages. Even a hand written letter will reach out and touch their soul.
  • Continue to lean on them for support, ask for…

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