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15 Travel Essentials For A Baby Traveling To Any Destination

a man holding a baby and a little girl in a pool

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Traveling with a baby is not exactly easy, but definitely doable, as long as you remember to pack travel essentials for your baby.

When our daughter was eight weeks old, we travelled with her to New Zealand, and had a smooth and wonderful trip.

With Savannah in Rotorua

In fact, the only difference between travelling with our baby and staying at home was we were out exploring and having an amazing time.

Babies are one of the easiest ages to travel, especially if you are breastfeeding. This is because you don’t need too many products to travel with a baby.

In this guide, we have listed some of our essential baby travel essentials and items you need to pack to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

List Of Baby Travel Essentials

Babies don’t need much, as they will love the time they get snuggled up to your chest as you carry them around.

You’ll also find that hotels and apartment rentals come equipped with a lot of items for children these days, so no more need to lug around a portable high chair or pack a bag full of games and toys.

But to make it easier on yourself, you definitely need to have some quality essential products that help to reduce the load. Such as…

1. Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier

When Kalyra was a baby I had a baby sling. I loved the idea of it, but it was bulky and awkward and I constantly feared that she would fall out or be smothered – plus, it hurt my back.

The Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier is everything that sling was not.

family in airport with baby smiling at camera
A miracle saver in airports where strollers are not allowed
  • It is easy to wear and easy to put Savannah in.
  • It is safely secured.
  • Savannah is close to us at all times.
  • It is designed to grow with Savannah, allowing us to carry her in it until she is about 15 months old.
  • She can face towards or away from us.
  • My hands are completely free and it is easy to do other activities with her in it.
  • It is great for Craig to wear as well – and he loves the daddy bonding time carrying Savannah whilst doing any chores!
a man washing dishes with baby in baby bjorn
Great for Craig when doing the dishes
  • It is recommended by pediatricians and has an adjustable design, padded waist belt, comfortable back support and wide shoulder straps.
  • If the airlines weren’t so ridiculous, it is the perfect airplane seat belt (they make you take the bubs out and put their flimsy belt around them that they can slingshot out of easy…

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