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Volcano Eruption In Iceland (Near Reykjavik) – Hand Luggage Only

Volcano Eruption In Iceland (Near Reykjavik) - Hand Luggage Only

Our arrival in Iceland was dramatic to, say the least – in large part due to a volcano eruption in Iceland which had apparently been brewing for weeks but we had no idea about.

As it was a pretty early morning flight from London (the kind that you have to start your day at like 3 a.m.) we just headed straight to our hotel – the Reykjavik Konsulat Hotel, intent on having a nap before going out to explore Reykjavik.

Just as I was about to nod off, our hotel suddenly started shaking and creaking.

I had no idea what was happening and just assumed someone was drilling something somewhere.

As it turns out, we were experiencing an earthquake in Iceland.

It was one of the hundreds that had hit Reykjavik in the past week or so but this one was particularly significant because this was the one that heralded the eruption of a new volcano not too far from Reykjavik.

Anyway, fast forward a few hours, all rested and napped up, we went out for dinner at Islenski Barinn and that’s when we realised that there was a volcano eruption in Iceland and it just felt so surreal.

We were wondering if we should be panicked about this but the Icelandic people in the bar didn’t seem bothered in the slightest by this.

In fact, if anything, it seemed like an exciting thing.

Anyway, we didn’t think much else of it (I think I may have posted on TikTok about it) and we just had our food and headed out to explore Reykjavik.

By the way, that restaurant Islenski Barinn is so worth a visit.

The food here is so good. It came highly recommended and I can confirm it’s so worth the hype.

Anyway, so yeah off we went exploring Reykjavik and we didn’t feel any more earthquakes in the city the entire time we were there.

Clearly, the earthquakes had been caused by this volcano waiting to erupt and once it was done erupting, earthquakes ceased.

The next day, when we woke up and checked the news, we saw so many people had hiked to the volcano which made no sense whatsoever to me.

Like why would you wanna go so close to it?

Turns out, it was all fine to do and it was such a phenomenal event in Iceland even the locals were doing this hike.

A similar volcanic eruption had happened the year before and thanks to that, the…

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