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RFK Jr feigns apology over ‘inexcusable’ plane decorum

RFK Jr feigns apology over ‘inexcusable’ plane decorum

Robert F Kennedy Jr has addressed his “disgusting” habit of going to the airplane bathroom barefoot – by feigning an apology about the “inexcusable” mile high decorum.

Justin Haskins, executive editor at the libertarian think tank The Heartland Institute, said on a recent podcast episode that he had snapped a picture of the presidential candidate with his toes out, walking up the aisles to the bathroom in the first-class area of the plane.

“He goes into the restroom sockless and shoeless. Something I’ve literally never seen in my entire life. Absolutely disgusting, right?” Mr Haskins declared.

RFK, the nephew of the 35th President John F Kennedy, is running as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election after a brief run as a Democrat.

Mr Haskins and the other conservative podcast hosts joked that their exclusive picture of the barefoot candidate could help them “ruin his entire presidential campaign”.

RFK makes an apology for his “inexcusable” behaviour


Yet, Mr Kennedy appears to be unphased about his barefoot blunder being exposed.

In a video sent to TMZ by Mr Kennedy, he spoke out about his toe tribulations in the middle of an airport lounge.

“I want to thank you for all you do to keep politicians honest and make sure that they comply with all the norms of our society,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Even for me, for calling me out on going barefoot on an airplane, that was inexcusable; I can assure you that will never happen again,” he concluded in a sarcastic tone.

But, the apparent shame was shortlived as the video panned back from Mr Kennedy revealing he was once again barefoot – this time as he sat in the airport lounge.

Mr Kennedy is seen sitting tapping his hands and toes nonchalantly.

The presidential candidate has already started using the debacle to plug his 2024 campaign.

In a post on X, Mr Kennedy shared a photo of himself barefoot in the same airport lounge with the slogan “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Secret Service” across the image.

The airplane decorum saga began when the hosts of the In The Tank podcast by The Heartland Institue, a think tank famous for promoting climate change scepticism, aired the picture on a recent episode.

After admitting he tried to take a few surreptitious photos of the presidential candidate on the flight, Mr Haskins claimed he saw Mr Kennedy Jr get up to walk…

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