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The Best RV Battery Monitors

The Best RV Battery Monitors

Looking for the best RV battery monitors for your campervan conversion or upgrade? These are our top 5 recommended van life battery monitors. 

During our first two years of RVing full-time, we knew that monitoring our power consumption and the health of our battery bank was important. 

But like most RV newbies, we weren’t fully aware of how to gauge a precise measurement of the battery voltage of our RV batteries at any given time. Still, we knew that it was good practice to keep an eye on battery voltage and try to determine how much power we used with different appliances and devices.

As we were just getting started, we had a basic RV battery setup. Because AGM and Lithium batteries were so expensive when we set out in early 2018, we settled on two standard deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries. 

We had 200 watts of solar panels and a 600-watt inverter tied into the RV house electrical system.

But we relied on a simple display screen on our inverter to gauge our battery’s voltage. While this is a decent, primitive form of keeping track of battery voltage, it did not provide us with an accurate reading of our battery’s capacity, especially since we would later find out that we had wired our inverter incorrectly!

Then we met someone who completely revolutionized the way we looked at battery power and the importance of having a correctly installed RV battery monitor to report an accurate reading of our battery’s capacity at any given point in time.

Since that day, we’ve become power junkies in that we always put our electrical system first, our water system second and everything else third in our RV.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the 5 best RV battery monitoring system options on the market and share a little about what you should look for in an RV battery monitor. We are not going to provide a long list of product options. An RV battery monitor system is simple and doesn’t need to be overthought and over-shopped.

On that note, let’s get into our top choice, a tried-and-true RV battery monitor that we’ve used in all of our RVs over the past few years.

Our Pick – Renogy 500A Battery Monitor

Customize the data you want to see

Easy to install

Mounts easily wherever you want to see it

Best Product // Our Top Picks at a Glance

Best RV Battery Monitors

The most important aspects of an RV battery monitor are precision, strong construction and convenience or ease of installation. You’ll also want to keep in mind…

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